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Brittney Christian of BC Boxing Utah

Brittney Christian Navarrete







Education: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Associates Degree In Health and Fitness, Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Level 1 Gym Jones Seminar, and Licensed Massage Therapist. 

Personal Trainer since 2008

“My passion for fitness has taken me on many journeys, starting with myself. I wasn’t always in shape and it was hard for me to maintain any weight goals, but what I have learned over the years is if you put in the time and effort any goal is reachable no matter who you are or what your circumstances are.” Which is where BC Fitness moto came from “You can, You will, You did. Come train with us.” Brittney

Client Testimonials:


Angela Mecham

Angela Mecham

“I have been working out with Britney at BC Boxing for the last few years, and I can say that I have never felt better then I do when she is training me. I recently had a baby and since being back at BC Fitness I have lost some of the baby weight and feel so much better. I have more energy and don’t feel tired and sluggish all the time. Brittney is a one of a kind trainer, she holds you accountable but at the same time she doesn’t feel the need to be little you like other trainers I have had. If you really are committed to making a change or you just want to feel better go see Brittney with BC Fitness. It was the best choice I ever made.” Angela Mecham





Joelle Fierro

Joelle Fierro

“When I first started training with Brittney, I had NEVER worked out, except for the bare minimum I’d reluctantly done a million years before in high school gym. I was now in my thirties, and the mother of two. Needless to say, I was beyond scared to begin such an intense exercise program. Working out with Brittney literally changed my life! I started with personal training once a week, but now workout five days a week…and LOVE it! I went from loathing even the thought of exercise, to absolutely loving it and what it adds to my life! I cannot even begin to express what a phenomenal trainer Brittney is. She pushes each individual to give their all, and then more. Whether it is in one-on-one personal training, or in a class, every single person is working at the top of his or her potential. In her group classes, she provides so much personal attention, modifying what each individual is doing to make it feel like every class is specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Her training is intense…and amazing! Boxing is far from easy, but she is a master at teaching the fundamentals. She does not teach fitness boxing, she trains every person just like she does her fighters. One of my very favorite things about Brittney is how empowering her training is for women. Being trained like a fighter is empowering in itself, but Brittney’s view on women, strength, and beauty, are what really set her apart from other trainers. She doesn’t base results on a scale or a pants size, in fact she tells you to stay off of the scale. Her goal is to make you stronger, faster, better, and happier in your own skin than you were the day before. I really can’t say enough about how her program changed my life” Joelle Fierro


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